IAB forum 2014, balance sheets time

04 Dec 2014

Last week, PayClick was the absolute protagonist of IAB Forum 2014. During those totally relevant two days, we could present our very latest innovations and meet many of our customers.

The atmosphere of Mico Milano Congressi was great, filled with digital ideas. The protagonists of digital economy discussed the new opportunities offered by the sector and the related future scenarios.

Our stand saw a greater turnout than the previous editions. Our staff, which consists of 12 people, was constantly busy answering questions about our main innovations: Video e-mail e l’Intent DEM. The former is an innovative type of digital advertising, which adds a streaming video to the classic DEM. Thus, emails do not get overloaded and they can adapt to every sort of device used by the end user. The latter is an exclusive retargeting method, the only one in the Italian market to combine the benefits of behaviour retargeting and dem channel high conversion rates. This technology lets us know whether a user browses our customers' websites and carries out an action or not. If he does not, we send him a DEM to lead him to achieve his aim.

Intent DEM will let us deal with users spontaneously interested in a brand, sending them ad hoc communication and making conversion rates higher. So we will reach our goal by sending a few thousand e-mails. For example, imagine a user browsing a famous brand website focused on information technology. He is having a look at tablets. Intent-DEM system verifies real-time whether he appears in Payclick's database. If this is the case, it can immediately send him an email with the address of the nearest shop. We firmly believe in the efficacy of this system, which can really provide our customers with concrete results, thus reinforcing not only the brand but also the conversion rate.             

Many notable customers are enthusiastic about these two innovative services and this represents a certificate of excellence for us, as well as an aknowledgement of the great work we have done in the last years. IAB Forum also let us observe an increase of Payclick's notoriety as a brand in the digital world, where it is now regarded as an excellent benchmark.



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