Email database management

We aknowledge the importance of turning traffic into money.
That is why our DB management system offers publishers the possibility to enter a big independent network with many highly profitable instruments and campaigns.

High profit campaigns

Join our premium network
You will exclusively access the best display campaigns and email marketing with CPM payment models. Quality pays: guaranteed income exclusive contracts.


We adopt proprietor technologies based on behavioral profiling (behavior retargeting), which allow the editor eCPM maximization..
It all can be done in automatic mode, using standard and special formats (skin & video).

Publisher Marketplace

Payclick's marketplace is a self-service platform created for monetizing your inventory.
More than 1000 advertisers and our behavioral marketing proprietor technology will always guarantee a high eCPM.

Our pluses

Email database management
High profit campaigns


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If you register, we will examine your website and together take account of income possibilities

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